What To Do In Athens

Athens, Greece offers its visitors a wide range of monuments and world class attractions to visit. In order to ensure that you have optimal fun in your trip to Athens, this article offers you some of the top activities and sights that will leave you with life-long memories of your visit to Athens, Greece.

The Acropolis and the Parthenon

The Acropolis and the Parthenon form the most dominant tourist attraction sites in Athens. Any traveller with a passion for sightseeing will always have the Acropolis and the Parthenon as their preferred first place to visit in Athens. In addition to the Acropolis and the Parthenon, a new Acropolis Museum has been built nearby to offer an added viewing of historical artifacts. A discounted ticket is offered to visitors for both places.

Mount Lycabettus

Mount Lycabettus offers a beautiful view of a green mountain rearing from the center of Athens. Tourists love climbing the mountain to enjoy the luxury of the amazing view of Athens from the mountain top. In addition to the marvelous sight, you will also be treated to a great café and an amphitheater on the mountain top. The famous amphitheater hosts renowned actors such as James Brown, Leonard Cohen, and Peter Gabriel among many other actors. You should not worry about climbing the mountain because a special train takes people almost to the top.

The Temple of Poseidon at Sounion

Visiting this site is common among tourists in Athens not only for its historical importance. Although it serves as an ancient worship site, the Temple of Poseidon at Sounion the site offers classical scenery at any time. Apart from seeing the graffiti of Lord Byron, you will experience on of the best sunsets. The sea and beaches below the temple also offer tourists an opportunity to have an afternoon swim before calling it a day.

Boating and Water Sports

The breathtaking beautiful beaches of Greece provide a Mediterranean aquatic paradise. The water is great for swimming and sailing and water skiing is popular too. Boats can be rented. For a spectacular marine audio experience you can choose a ski boat with a powerful marine stereo system and waterproof marine speakers. Or maybe sailing is more to your fancy. It is all available here.

Walking along the streets in Athens at night

Athens, Greece is ranked among the safest cities across the globe. As a matter of fact, the city is safer than London, Tokyo, and Paris. Its high safety standards enable tourists to walk along the streets at night and enjoy the opportunity to shop late at night. Most shops selling special items for tourists remain open for most part of the night. The experience of walking along the streets and mingling with sellers and other tourists in the streets is an experience that any tourist has to have before leaving Athens.

The Agora-Athens Central Market

This market is commonly known as the Central market where you could not miss on any meat, fish or vegetables. Regardless of whether you are shopping or not, the experience of the busy shoppers in the market makes a walk around the large market a worthwhile experience. You just have to take care of your personal items while in the market.

The National Archeological Museum

The National Archeological Museum is ranked among the top museums in the world. It offers its visitors a chance to find the best collection in ancient Greek sculpture, and pottery among other items. Visiting the museum offers you a chance to learn many aspects about Greek and share in the country’s history.